Sunday, August 2, 2009

Starting it all up.

So, this is my blog about cooking through the Les Halles Cookbook by Jose de Meirelles, Phillippe Lajaunie, and of course the indomitable Anthony Bourdain.

Why cook through the Les Halles cookbook? Not to capitalize on the recent film Julie & Julia, that's for damn sure. I will never get a book deal off this, or a movie deal where the screenplay is done up by some b-list chick flick screenwriter and I am played by a wide-eyed plucky young actress with smaller boobs and no gut, with a celeb cameo by Steve Buchemi as Tony, because the actual Tony Bourdain would rather vomit up ground warthog colon and eat it again than be in a girlie food film.

No, it's more about treating cooking as less of a spectator sport, and starting a project that will get me in the kitchen and away from the takeout menus, have friends over for dinner sometimes, and learn how to cook some of these classic dishes, like coq au vin or boeuf bourguignon without fear of my kitchen blowing up. (The goal is not to have Michael Bay directing the film version of this blog, right?) I'm also not big on cooking meats, and this book is chock full of em. Also things I'm not so sure about like whole fish, calves feet and (ulp) tripe, though I'm positive cooking these things will result in my violating like ten condo association rules due to the foul odor alone.

So, let's do this thing and have some delicious fun in the kitchen. Or explode some things. Either way.

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